Thursday, July 3, 2014

Raw Vegan's Production Blog Intro

Music Production Blog Intro

Made a quick little intro for my blog videos & tutorials. I hope that everybody is excited as I am for whats to come. Head on over and download the new RAW VEGAN vox drumkit. It comes with 16 wave files & an Ableton live drum rack preset thats really fun to mess around with. Download it free here!

Music production, Production Tutorials, Samples, Beat Tapes, Hip Hop Music, Jazz, Funk, Soul and R&b all part of the plan here. Working with software such as Logic, Ableton live, Digidesign Pro-Tools, Audacity & more, I will help you learn how to create from the heart and embrace your passion.


R  A  W  V  E  G  A  N


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