Saturday, July 12, 2014

DEAD CULTURE SHOW - Saturday July 12th - 2014

90s Heads Santa Barbara Hip Hop - Local Shows

90 Heads, Performing tonight! Lets all share some love on faceboook & spread the noise.  An awesome show going down tonight at the Euphoria Hookah Lounge, Downtown Santa Barbara.
The show starts at 8 pm & is 6 Dollars @ the door. Definitely going to be an awesome show.

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Show up for support and please direct any questions to 805.665.3346

Performing Artists 

Pink Abduction Ray -

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SoundCloud is looking to share with BIG LABELS

SoundCloud might just be giving in to the pressure. It looks as if this awesome indie start-up site is about to turn its nose to the ground.  SoundCloud Ltd. is looking to avoid a lawsuit by giving into major record label demands. SoundCloud is a Berlin-based company with more than 200+ Million listeners a month. Sound cloud seems to be negotiating with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group for licenses to continue playing songs from the biggest labels and avoid potential legal disputes. In return, SoundCloud is discussing giving each record label a roughly 3 percent to 5 percent stake, along with a percentage of future revenue. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Raw Vegan's Production Blog Intro

Music Production Blog Intro

Made a quick little intro for my blog videos & tutorials. I hope that everybody is excited as I am for whats to come. Head on over and download the new RAW VEGAN vox drumkit. It comes with 16 wave files & an Ableton live drum rack preset thats really fun to mess around with. Download it free here!

Music production, Production Tutorials, Samples, Beat Tapes, Hip Hop Music, Jazz, Funk, Soul and R&b all part of the plan here. Working with software such as Logic, Ableton live, Digidesign Pro-Tools, Audacity & more, I will help you learn how to create from the heart and embrace your passion.


R  A  W  V  E  G  A  N


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Contact Me @

// Email -

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// Bandcamp -

Check out my blog :



RAWVOX Vox Sample Pack & Ableton Live Drum Rack

RawVox2014 - Raw Vegans Vox Drumkit -

Epic Raw Vegan Vox Drum Kit For Ableton Live Drum Rack

Available now for free! Raw Vegans Vox DrumKit is a 16 sample kit including, snares, clicks, kicks & more. Please Subscribe to our email list below for your free download.

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Until then I want to show my support.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Raw Vegan

Raw Vegan

Raw Vegan's Production Blog.

 I am going to be blogging a bit about music production and synthesis design here. I'm super stoked on helping people learn how to express themselves with amazing technological advancements My name is Obajae Clark - I was born and raised in Santa Barbara California. I've been working with music for several years and love to create and develop new sounds and textures. I will be releasing several synth packs as well as drum & fx sample packs in the future so look forward to those! I'm ready to help out the community and show all you beat-nerds how to get your funk on.


My Current Lab Setup :

2 Event 8 Studio Precision Monitors -
Korg Microkorg - (broken pitch bend) The modulation wheels ok though so I still get my wiggle on.
Digidesign Mbox 2
Broken Trigger Finger ;(
Sure Beta 58A
My Mind


My Music 

I have been pretty on and off with music production but its definitely a fundamental part of my life. Ive got several albums & singles for your listening pleasure @ // or //

I grew up listening to hip hop & electronic music on Winamp radio (RIP) . Listening to music into the night and never letting my mind settle. A lover of classics such as PeteRock,Dilla,Dwele, 2LiveCrew, Destinys Child, Biggie Smalls & more, I have been conditioning my mind to produce with huge amounts of love and creativity.

I hope that I can help at least one or two people along their journey and ill be a happy camper.
Until next time / RAW VEGAN out. <3